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Bio: Tinker, tailor, soldier, spy. No. Wait. That's a Carre' book. Scientist, entrepreneur, reader, hiker, atheist, baker of artisanal breads.

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2 thoughts on “About”

  1. SBM is still acting weird for me. I meant an authoritarian/libertarian political axis, as in “order versus freedom”, not necessarily being from the Libertarian Party.

    From a more pragmatic definition, going away from epistemes to actual woo, you have the “I dislike X, so X causes Y” crowd (Y is usually cancer, but autism has also joined this list.), the “There is no way my product causes cancer.” crowd (I list cancer because I can’t help but think of the tobacco industry.), and then outright SCAM lobbyists.

    That on top of people who just don’t get the vocabulary of science. Obama confuses the ozone layer with AGW.

    I’ve had nothing but bad luck with politicians. Stephen Lewis used to be an NDP (Canada’s leftist party) head, but his lecture ostensibly about AGW and malaria was more about AIDS and how his group’s working with “traditional healers” in Africa.

    • Yes, I’m struggling with SBM myself. Paul says the problem is with WordPress and that they’re trying to find a workaround. I hope they’re successful. Soon.

      I also share your frustration with politicians. The ones that I know are low on the totem pole – state representatives and senators. They tend not to be morons but they view life from a vastly different vantage than others of my acquaintance. To a person they couldn’t care less about science unless it happens to support one of their policy objectives.


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